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Please note these times are indicative only.

Special Trays – 3 working days
Registration – 3 working days
Try-in/Retry – 5 working days
Finishes – 5 working days
Ortho Study Models – 4 working days
Study Models – 2 working days
Bleach Trays – 3 working days
Mouth Guards – 3 working days
Splints – 4 working days
Retainers – Same day
Reline / Repairs – Same Day

All our appliances are made in House ( with the exception of chrome cobalt dentures which are outsourced locally), Using the highest grade materials and are registered for T.G.A Approval.


Our Full and partial acrylic dentures can be uniquely customised with gum tinting , we also have a range of flexible clasps,(available in pink clear or tooth coloured ) materials.

Phaser Welding

Improve the functions of your patients CrCo dentures. Including additions, replacing broken clasps, repairs and in some cases, refitting chromes through a series of welds.

Mouth guards

Using briteguard 4mm blanks we can manufacture a variety of colour combinations. We can also make heavy-duty laminated core for use in high impact activities.

Chrome Cobalt Dentures

Locally sourced from Bellarine Dental Casting

Anti Snore Devices

Erkodent Silensor M.D.S.A devices.


Some of our appliances manufactured in house are Hawley and Essix retainers, Rapid Palatal Expanders Trans Palatal Appliances and a variety of occlusal Splints.

Success Injection Moulding

Offering a variety of dental appliances delivered with more consistency and greater accuracy than standard compression molding.

Digital Dentistry

We have the latest equipment for manufacturing Trays, Splints, Models and more.

What our clients say

Having worked with Jon and his team for over ten years I have always been more than happy with his work. Producing quality products and staying at the forefront of technology, I will certainly be working with Jon for many years to come
Dr Shammi Weerasinghe
Dental Spa Geelong
I have used “Geelong dental Laboratory for over twenty years to help me achieve the best results for my patients with dentures (acrylic, cobalt-chrome) repairs and additions) and mouth guards.

Jon and his team are always reliable, helpful and approachable and I highly recommend them.
Dr Anna Stokes BDS
GMHBA Dental
I have worked with Jon Hardiman for over 20 years. My Patients and I have always been pleased with the fit and aesthetics of Jon's laboratory work. In complex situations I have found Jon's suggestions and problem solving has helped me to deliver great results for my patients.
Dr Michael Wyatt
Wyatt & Ryan

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